Chiropractic Testimonials

"My son’s progress has just blown me away! I would recommend Dr. Trista to anyone with kids having any issues."

- Jo E.

"My daughter was a very colicky baby. She is now much happier and calm. She isn’t constantly crying. She is able to keep her bottles down and sleep!"

- Amelia B.

"Two weeks ago I could barely walk...3 adjustments later 247 267 236 for 750...paper score! Thanks!"

- Kevin M.

"I am working to feel a bit more normal. I like the approach here. All makes sense for progress."

- Quinn E.

"Dr. Trista is amazing. She has made a huge difference for our whole family. As a family that was constantly sick before, we are finally starting to see what it's like to be healthy and happy. For myself personally, it's been so much more than just relieving back/neck pain; but all around having energy again. She is very knowledgeable in what she does and you can definitely see the passion she has for helping others. We are very thankful for all she's done and continues to do."

- Samantha N.

"I've seen many (many, many) specialists for my ailments and Dr. Trista has been the ONLY one that has taken the time to thoroughly listen and evaluate my symptoms. She has made a huge difference in my health and the health of my two children. The healing and hope found in her chiropractic care can not be overstated. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking to achieve their full health potential!"

- Jo E.

"Dr. Trista is so wonderful. She has been working on my newborn and I am so comfortable with her. I appreciate all her advice and wisdom!"

- Gabriella F.

"Dr. Trista has helped me handle my fibromyalgia better than I've been able to in the past. She is the best chiropractor I've worked with and is so clear with her explanations."

- Annie K.

"Dr. Trista does an amazing job with her patients. Both I and my daughter have been seeing her. She spent a great deal of time getting to know us and our focus for coming to her. My daughter is 2 years old and actually get so excited to go see her, she is so at ease and comfortable during adjustments. As for myself, I have never had a better experience with a chiropractor, I can tell her how I am feeling and she listens to me! I am feeling such progress and relief with my treatments, I'm getting my life back which is so important for my family as well as my career. Hands down I would recommend her to any and everyone!"

- Lyndsay D.

"Absolutely amazing doesn't even begin to describe my experience here. Dr. Trista has definitely found her calling. I have been to other chiropractors before and I can say I'm very impressed and will never go anywhere ever again. Several things in my life have changed sense beginning my care with Dr. Trista. My sleeping has improved, my pain is completely gone in my shoulder, I'm hearing better, and my anxiety is nonexistent. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Trista and her very friendly staff very soon!"

- Danielle F.

"Dr. Trista is amazing! She and her staff are very caring and considerate. I love that her office is child friendly. I'm also happy to say that for the first time in my life, I am discomfort free! Thanks, Trista!!!"

- Katie R.

"Amazing patient care! Very professional and knowledgeable."

- Emily Z.

"Always leave with a smile!"

- Thomas M.

"Dr. Trista Bringa is marvelous. She really listened to me, quickly diagnosed my trouble, and clearly articulated the right course of action. In a short time, she had me back up and going. I found her to be very knowledgeable, focused with her treatment, and a true delight. In the past, I've seen a number of chiropractors, but none as good as her. She has won my loyalty. I couldn't recommend her enough."

- Luke E.

"My son was diagnosed as "colicky" at 8 weeks. After weeks of no sleep and a baby that was very unhappy, I called Dr. Bringa. She was able to see my son the next morning and as soon as we started talking, I felt as though she completely knew my son and understood what we had been going through. She explained her thoughts on his course of treatment thoroughly and made me feel very comfortable with the action plan. After the first treatment, my son started sleeping better, was much more relaxed, and was not crying nearly as much. After just a few days, our friends and family were commenting on how different and how much better my son was acting. Now, at 7 months, he is a very happy, active baby. We see Dr. Bringa regularly for maintenance and highly recommend her! She has made a huge difference in our son's life!"

- Kara P.


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